This page is dedicated to the resources associated with some of the micro-credentialing courses available through Autism Training Academy.

Introduction to Autism micro-training resources:

Autistic Individual’s Strengths & Abilities (Introduction to Autism course)

Autistic individuals have many strengths & abilities that vary across individuals on the spectrum. According to Altogether Autism, Autistic individuals may have some of the following strengths & abilities:

  • Exceptional honesty and reliability
  • Strong logical thinking
  • Strong memory
  • Strong adherence to rules
  • A rare freshness and sense of wonderment
  • Dependability regarding schedules and routines
  • Being detail oriented

Supporting Inclusivity (Introduction to Autism course)

Here are some ways you can support inclusivity of differences in your particular environment:

  • Continue to educate yourself about differences in abilities, ethnicities, religions, culture, genders, ableist behaviours, and disability justice
  • Commit to adding a policy statement that states explicitly that your workplace supports inclusion and diversity and continues to be open to learning about best practice in supporting a diverse culture
  • Ask team members to share how the company and team members can work together to ensure innovation in supporting true inclusion

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