from the amazing Frist Center for Autism & Innovation, here are workplace resources to develop strong teams that include neurodivergent individuals. Thank you to Dr. Dave Caudel and the team for consistently striving to put out resources and tools that make a difference to the outcomes of autistic individuals everywhere.

Tools for faculty for teaching neurodivergent students. Thank you Bellevue University for these resources.

Introduction to Autism micro-training resources:

Autistic Individual’s Strengths & Abilities (Introduction to Autism course)

Autistic individuals have many strengths & abilities that vary across individuals on the spectrum. According to Altogether Autism, Autistic individuals may have some of the following strengths & abilities:

  • Exceptional honesty and reliability
  • Strong logical thinking
  • Strong memory
  • Strong adherence to rules
  • A rare freshness and sense of wonderment
  • Dependability regarding schedules and routines
  • Being detail oriented

Supporting Inclusivity (Introduction to Autism course)

Here are some ways you can support inclusivity of differences in your particular environment:

  • Continue to educate yourself about differences in abilities, ethnicities, religions, culture, genders, ableist behaviours, and disability justice
  • Commit to adding a policy statement that states explicitly that your workplace supports inclusion and diversity and continues to be open to learning about best practice in supporting a diverse culture
  • Ask team members to share how the company and team members can work together to ensure innovation in supporting true inclusion

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