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Research-based, online, and asynchronous micro-trainings about autism and neurodivergence designed by

Autistic and neurodivergent experts & our allies

Autism Training Academy supports and inspires our accomplished clients to persist with their consequential work in the world by:

  1. Increasing their knowledge of autism, neurodivergence, and co-occurring circumstances
  2. Strengthening their understanding of the needs of neurodiverse individuals
  3. Growing their appreciation of the benefits neurodivergent individuals bring to the community
  4. Expanding their awareness that supporting Autistic individuals supports all individuals they serve by creating an enabling environment for all to succeed.


Our micro-trainings are informed by physicians and experts in specific areas of medicine who inform the training to meet the needs of those in healthcare.


Micro-trainings for educators, leaders, professional staff, and policy-makers are based on research conducted by our Autistic founder and secondary research conducted with 14 co-collaborating researchers around the world.


Specific micro-training for public servants are designed with subject-matter-experts to meet the bespoke needs of public office based on the types of interaction employees may have with neurodivergent individuals.

Our courses are available on the micro-training courses page!

“Helpful, inclusive, and engaging. The visual graphics were pleasing to look at, beautiful in fact. It’s clear a great deal of thought and expertise went into designing. I am just beginning to learn about autism…having completed the course…I want to learn more!”

Candace Crossan 48 years in the airline industry

“A concise and current perspective on autism from a first-person perspective.  I loved seeing a strengths-based description of what autistic people can and are contributing to the world – including things like this micro-training course, and will be sharing it broadly with those who want to know more about autism and neurodiversity.” 

Dr. Katelyn Lowe, Registered Psychologist


Autism Training Academy trains professionals to understand, appreciate, and support their Autistic clients, friends, and family. We do this through an Autistic informed lens starting with Autistic experts.

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If you’d like more information on how the Academy can develop a bespoke program to meet your particular organizational needs or if you have any questions, please email info@autismtraining.academy.